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Batman: Birth of the Demon collects the three Ra’s Al-Ghul books Son/Bride/Birth of the Demon. I give Son 3 stars and the others 1 star so I’ll give this collection a generous overall score of 2 stars. I reviewed each book individually below - enjoy!


Son of the Demon - 3 stars

Son of the Demon is another episode of Batman and his mad in-laws, the Al-Ghul’s. He may get to plow the mega-hawt Talia but he’s gotta put up with his mental father-in-law’s ravings about wiping out humanity over dinner – the things we do to wet our beaks, eh? And what’s that – the pitter-patter of tiny feet? Will Batman finally cheer up??

This one’s actually not a bad comic. The more I read of Mike Barr’s Batman, the more surprised I am that it’s not the absolute garbage I keep expecting. I think I just got off on the wrong foot with him by starting with one of the worst Batman books ever written, Year Poo Two!

Son of the Demon definitely has its flaws. Batman and Ra’s are forced into a contrived alliance because of a forgettable one-dimensional and disposable villain called Qayin (pronounced “Cain”), whose origin was corny and silly. The plot is like a weak James Bond knockoff with the elaborate lairs, squads of hired goons and the doomsday weather machine, while the dead scientist murder mystery subplot was plain crap and pointless. But Batman’s antics make this fairly readable and it was interesting to read the book that years later inspired Grant Morrison to create Damian Wayne.

Jerry Bingham’s art was so impressive and made the book for me. The lines are precise, the pictures are detailed, the layouts are eye-catching, the colours are subtle but effective – Bingham is an enormously talented and skilful artist whose pages are really beautiful. And Talia’s never looked more smokin’ than she does here, all thanks to this dude! The art is by far this comic’s best feature.

Son of the Demon is a decent Batman book, in large part thanks to Jerry Bingham’s exceptional art rather than Mike Barr’s shaky writing. It’s no must-read but not intolerable and might be worth checking out for fans who see it in the liberry.


Bride of the Demon - 1 star

BLEURGH! Nothing to see here guys, move on, really. I thought I’d turned a corner with Mike Barr’s Batman comics after being pleasantly surprised with both The Wrath and Son of the Demon - and then I read Bride of the Demon. And while it’s not as offensively bad as Year Two, it’s still absolute garbage.

Ra’s Al-Ghul and the Ozone Layer - Barr barely attempts to connect the two into something resembling a plot but completely fails so forget that noise! Instead, here’s a bunch of unrelated boring rubbish to fill up space instead: a dull scientist and his brat, Ra’s and an actress (she’s the “bride” of the title - Ra’s wants her to give him an heir because I guess Talia’s not penis-y enough?), and Talia and Batman’s corny relationship. Faaaaaarrrrttt. And that’s Bride of the Demon.

The writing is amateurish at best, the story incoherent, and the most memorable thing about this crap is Tim Drake log rolling Batman’s giant penny - that’s how retarded things get! The art is shit (shart?) and Barr completely fails to explain how Lazarus Pits work. In one case it resurrects the dead, in another it makes the old young again, and in other instances it outright kills. Brilliant. So it’s whatever the plot needs it to be! Contrived nonsense.

If you want to see what vomit looks like as a Batman comic, check out Bride of the Demon, otherwise don’t bother and I applaud your superior life choices to mine!


Birth of the Demon - 1 star

Batman: Birth of the Demon is Ra’s Al-Ghul’s origin story – and it’s so astoopid!

Set hundreds of years ago, Ra’s was once the kind and gentle Middle Eastern doctor to the Salimb (an Arabic king) – middle middle middle, he becomes the evil Demon’s Head who hates Batman and wants to destroy humanity.

I’ve never understood the adulation so many (admittedly older) readers have for Denny O’Neill – this guy is such a bad writer! Maybe back in the day his work wasn’t as noticeably crappy but compared to the calibre of writers Batman fans read today, like Grant Morrison, Paul Dini, Scott Snyder and Tom King, O’Neill’s stuff nowadays looks amateurish at best.

All of the pieces in Ra’s origin are clunkily ticked off. Why does he hate Batman? He hates death and death, in his dreams, takes the form of a giant bat. How did he figure out how to build Lazarus Pits? From a dream. How did he figure out how they worked? Another dream. Where did he get the “Demon’s Head” title from? Some random god these people worshipped. Totally contrived hackery!

Ra’s is “dying” and Batman gets infected with toxic waste in two plotlines that go nowhere, and Batman and Ra’s fight pointlessly at the end to no effect. Norm Breyfogle’s weirdly grainy art looks like it was coloured in crayon!

Batman: Birth of the Demon was thoroughly terrible! A dumb, tedious origin poorly told and badly written by a talentless incompetent. Ra’s isn’t among my favourite villains from Batman’s rogues gallery but he deserves better than this.

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Ebook Batman - Nascita del Demone read Online! Mike W. Barr is an American writer of comic books, and mystery, and science fiction novels. Barr's debut as a comics professional came in DC Comics' Detective Comics #444 (Dec. 1974-Jan. 1975), for which he wrote an 8-page back-up mystery feature starring the Elongated Man. Another Elongated Man story followed in Detective Comics #453 (November 1975). He wrote text articles and editorial replies in letter columns for the next few years. By mid-1980 he was writing regularly for both DC and Marvel, including stories for Marvel Team-Up, Mystery in Space, Green Lantern, and various Batman titles.

Legion of Super-Heroes #277 (July 1981) saw him take on editorial duties at DC, while writing issues of DC's Star Trek comic, for whom he created the native American character Ensign Bearclaw and a pacifist Klingon named Konom. In December 1982, he and artist Brian Bolland began Camelot 3000, a 12 issue limited series that was one of DC Comics' first direct market projects. In August 1983, Barr created what may well be his most enduring work, the monthly title Batman and the Outsiders with art by Jim Aparo. Barr wrote every issue of the original series, and its Baxter paper spinoff, The Outsiders.

His other comics work includes Mantra and Maze Agency as well as the 1987 OGN hardcover book Batman: Son of the Demon (with art by Jerry Bingham), proceeds from which reputedly "restored DC Comics to first place in sales after fifteen years." This title, and Barr's work on Batman with artist Alan Davis have been cited by Grant Morrison as key inspirations for his recent (2006) run on the Batman title.

In 2007, he wrote a two-part story for the pages of DC's JLA: Classified (#47-48, Jan-Feb 2008), returned to the Outsiders with Outsiders: Five of a Kind—Katana/Shazam #1 (Oct 2007), contributed to Tokyopop's Star Trek: The Manga, and relaunched Maze Agency at IDW Publishing. He has also scripted many of Bongo Comics' Simpsons titles, including a Christmas story for 2010.

In May 2010, the Invisible College Press published Barr's science fiction/fantasy novel, Majician/51, about the discoveries of a scientist working at Area 51.

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